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The Xtreme-1 collection launched in Basel 2010 is Azimuth’s answer to the call of extremesports enthusiasts.

The three models showcased in 2010: the Deep Diver, Sea-Hum GMTand Sea-Hum 3TZ, were developed in close consultation with Fernando Alberto Lozano Andrade, a world-renowned explorer, high altitude diver and archaeologist. The entire collection was crafted to meet the specifications demanded by Fernando to cater to the harsh environments he regularly plunges himself into.

With cases and bracelets made in surgical grade 316L stainless steel and high-grade titanium, the Xtreme-1 watches are able to withstand the mind-boggling pressure of up to depths of 2,000 metres (200 bar).

Fernando Alberto Lozano Andrade, the famous Mexican explorer knows no boundaries in life.

Having already climbed the 5,032 m.s.n.m Popocatepetl in Mexico and the 5,916m.s.n.m Licancabur volcano in Chile-Bolivia, he will now embark on a dangerous expedition code named the ‘Absolute Altitude’ to the Ojos del Salado.

The Ojos del Salado is thehighest active volcano in the world standing at 6,896 m.s.n.m and is located on the borderof Chile and Argentina.

Fernando will set a world record in altitude diving and be the first adventurer to explore the mysterious lake in the volcano, a place that is still untouched and undocumented. Being a foremost explorer, Fernando knows that having a trusted and accurate timepiece on his wrist could not only mean breaking a world record but also saving his life.

FERNANDO LOZANO - EXTREME DIVER “I needed a reliable watch that not only could deliver precision and accuracy but at the same time is hardy enough to withstand harsh conditions and climates". I needed an explorer’swatch, a timepiece created specifically for extreme sports, a “Hummer” that can go into the deepest depths and also climb the highest mountains and I found it all in the Xtreme-1 range of watches,” says Fernando.

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