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Depthmaster 3000

Features of 5 Amazing Deep Blue Watches

Deep Blue is an exciting watchmaker located in the vibrant city of New York. The company was founded in 2007 and is the brainchild of Stan Betesh. What distinguishes the brand from many of their competitors is the ability to produce high-quality timepieces at affordable prices. They have done this by concentrating on one specific genre, which is the diver watch....Read More



CX Swiss Military Marlin Scuba Nero2

Stylish Swiss Mechanical Watches

Frank M. Bürgin, the owner of CX Swiss Military, is part of a watchmaking dynasty that has been around since 1926. The brand CX Swiss Military is part of a larger group called Montres Charmex. The reason the company has survived so long is because they have been very adaptable. They have also never compromised on quality or attention detail. All their timepieces are built to last so unless the recipient is careless or neglectful, they will last for many years...Read More



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The Risks of Buying Online from Unauthorised Watch Dealers

Many savvy consumers will often look for ways to save money when making online purchases. When it comes to buying a watch, however, you might save more in the long run if you err on the side of caution. Many problems can occur If you buy from a non-authorized dealer. Even if the timepiece is authentic, it might not be covered by a factory warranty. This means that if the watch develops a fault, the repair could become a very costly affair, especially if the movement is mechanical....Read More


AkriviA Tourbillon Chiming Jump Hour

What To Look For In A Luxury Watch

A question that customers ask on a regular basis is ‘What qualities should I look for in a luxury watch?’ Obviously, this is subjective because all buyers have different preferences and requirements. You should always look at the build quality and where the watch is produced. For example, Swiss timepieces are normally considered a higher standard than their....Read More



Azimuth SP1 Spaceship Predator

How To Select The Right Men's Watch

Choosing the right watch is a very personal decision and really needs a lot of contemplation. Certainly there is an enormous amount of variety available at all price points. Our advice to consumers is to consider the timepiece’s functionality. For example, will it be used for extreme sports, everyday usage or just occasional formal events? We would also urge buyers to purchase a watch that they like and not be influenced by the....Read More



Voutilainen GMT 6

Top 5 Men’s Elegant Dress Watches

For some gentlemen, presenting the right first impression is very, very important. That is why they spend a lot of time and effort cultivating the right image. Depending on personal preferences you might opt for a tailored Saville Row suit or more casual Italian counterpart. Then comes the big decision of which shoes, tie and shirt to wear. There is also the question of which Dress....Read More



CX Swiss Military Hurricane black

5 Of The Best Zeppelin Watches

Set in the picturesque location of Bavaria is one of Germany’s largest watch manufacturers called Point Tec. Wilhelm Birk established the group in 1987 and now owns several labels, including Zeppelin. What distinguishes them from many of their competitors is a meticulous attention to detail. All of the timepieces they produce display a certain degree of maturity and are exceptionally well made. Here are five of their fantastic watches that perfectly illustrate this point....Read More



Azimuth SP 1 Landship

How To Choose Your Next Watch

When choosing a watch to buy, there are many details to consider. For example, your budget is an important factor because prices can vary significantly. Another key element in the decision-making process is what activities the timepiece will be used for. If extreme sports are an important part of your lifestyle then a durable, water resistant watch is probably essential. Personally, I always purchase a timepiece based on the aesthetic and am not influenced by current trends....Read More




Zeppelin Nordstern

Which are the best watches for men

Male friends and acquaintances frequently ask me which are the best men’s watches? Obviously, tastes vary significantly from person to person, so it is a really hard question to answer. Many experts would consider watchmakers like Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and Jaeger Le Coultre to be amongst the finest. However outside the world of horology, most people would aspire to own a timepiece by Rolex....Read More




Cabestan Triple Axis Tourbillon

Luxury Men's Watches

Over the last few years, people have constantly mentioned austerity measures. It is true that the world has been in global recession and, unfortunately, a lot of people have suffered. However, it is still nice to reward loved ones with a precious gift now and then. Certainly a beautifully made luxurious watch is timeless and can be passed down to future generations....Read More