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B.R.M Racing Watches

Turning watchmaking into an art form

Custom handcrafted components. Meticulous attention to detail. With aesthetics uniquely inspired by motorsport and rally driving.

It’s no wonder B.R.M have managed to build such a solid reputation in the competitive world of watchmaking. All of their timepieces are designed and handmade in France, just outside of Paris. Every watch component is finished and decorated to the highest possible standards. 

 Naturally, their watches are highly coveted. Here are five exemplary demonstrations of this brand’s exceptional quality.

 MK 44



The lightest mechanical chronograph in the world. 

The MK-44 is a truly amazing watch that has a really high quality appearance. What makes this model so special is the striking transparent Makrolon® case, which at 48.80 grams makes it the lightest mechanical chronograph in the world. This timepiece has a diameter measuring 44mm, appealing to a broad spectrum of buyers. Beneath the high tech exterior lies a Swiss made self-winding movement.

Available from $14800





V12 44



The watch for racing enthusiasts. 

The V12-44 has a distinctive appearance that will definitely appeal to racing enthusiasts. Dimensionally, the watch has a well proportioned 316L brushed steel case measuring 44mm. What makes this timepiece so enticing is the cool grey dial with contrasting vibrant yellow drilled hands. Powering the watch is a Swiss made ETA Valjoux 7753 mechanical self-winding chronograph movement.

Available from $7499






CT 48




Make a bold statement with a skeletonised dial.

The CT-48 is an incredibly well-made timepiece that is crammed full of features. With a Grade 5 titanium case measuring 48mm, the watch is large enough to make a bold statement without being too imposing. What makes this timepiece really stand out, is the wonderful two-tone carbon fiber and red skeletonised dial. At the heart of the watch is a modified ETA Valjoux 7753 mechanical self-winding chronograph movement.

Available from $19999





V13 44




A signature example of B.R.M's work.

The V13-44 is an impressive looking timepiece that is a signature example of B.R.M’s work. This watch has a well-proportioned (black PVD treated) 316L stainless steel case measuring 44mm. The sporty black/white dial, drilled lugs and high quality black leather racing-style strap give an especially distinguished look. Beneath the cool façade lies a modified ETA Valjoux 7753 mechanical self-winding chronograph movement.

Available from $8999





R 50




One of B.R.M's most distinctive timepieces.

The R-50 is one of the most distinctive timepieces that B.R.M have ever produced. It is also one of their largest watches to date, and has a sublime checker board Grade 5 titanium case measuring 50mm. The extraordinary open worked dial perfectly exposes all the mechanical elements of the watch. Powering this model is a modified Swiss made ETA A07161 (Valgranges) self-winding movement.

Available from $23999





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