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The stratosphere is part of the atmosphere surrounding the Earth . It is located between 15 and 50 kilometers above sea level. In contrast to the surrounding troposphere (0 - 15 KM), the temperature increases from -60 ° C to O ° C due to the ozone-absorbed UV radiation, which converts electromagnetic radiation into heat. Already in the 60s, pilots of reconnaissance flights, such as the  US with  the  11L ockheedU-2", needed  a reliable  technique  for  flights  over  20,000  meters.  The  11U11  stands for 11ut ilit y11 and was used as a camouflage, so that Russia did not suspect. Since these aircraft literally vanished  from the radar, Fortis has assigned the model  name of 'Stratoliner' to these space watches.

The first watches, marketed under the name of Stratoliner, were launched on the market as early as 1962, due to the fact that they were being used for these reconnaissance flights. In northern Sweden on Esrange near Kiruna, the rockets MAXUS and TEXUS launched and offered research conditions like in space. The acceleration of the MAXUS rocket with 3,500 m / sec acts with up to 13 g and catapults the missile vertically up to 715 km. This is followed by a phase of about 12 minutes of free fall. On a parachute the payload lands safely on the ground. In the TEXUS program, a Brazilian VSB-30 rocket provided about six minutes of experimentation.

Due to the absence of the hour numerals, this particular clarity emerges, which already made the watch a perfect companion for aviation challenges. Of course all the components of the timepiece have been modernized. The 42mm case is framed either by a steel or ceramic bezel, which shows the tachymetry. The case consists of partly brushed, partly polished stainless steel and a glass base, which gives view onto the beating heart. The crown is a classic pusher crown while the pushers of the chronograph are securely screwed. The sapphire glass has been treated with an antireflective coating on both sides, which in the sunlight takes on this distinctive violet-blue tint . The Stratoliner appears in two steel and two ceramic versions. One in matt white and the other in matte black. Both have square indices at 3, 6, 9 and 12 & 1 O' clock, whilst the remaining hours do have rectangular indices .

Hours and minute markers as well as the hour and minute hands are colored in beige while the second hand  was designed  red as a highlight . The counter  of  the chronograph  are flat  and  fit  seamlessly into the dial. In addition to the four models, there are 2 limited special editions of 200 pieces each. The Stratoliner  11Parabola11  stands for the courageous scientists who always face extraordinary challenges in their  work  doing  parabolic  flights  and  thus  make  an immense  contribution  to  society.  The  second limited edition, also with 200 pieces, is the Stratoliner 11 AII Black11 , which symbolizes the outlook into the exosphere  and open space,  and herewith  the gigantic  achievements  of  mankind,  which,  on April 12, 1961 with  Yuri Gagarin,  the  first  man in space,  has been proven  with a 108 minute  around-the-world­ trip.

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