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Tycoon Date a.m. / p.m.

41 mm | Reference: 903.21.12 / 903.21.11

Time for something well-tried. It is under this motto that FORTIS is recollecting the origins of its own timepiece art – back in the days of the company founder Walter Vogt.  Whilst introducing the Terrestis Collection in 2015, FORTIS made reference in old books and plans and brought models from the 30s and 40s into the 21st century. The FORTIS 903.21.12 Tycoon Date a.m. is no different. With its 41mm bi-colour stainless steel housing standing at just 10.22mm height, FORTIS manages to pack the most modern technology into an elegant design.

Dark and absolutely elegant. That’s what distinguishes the FORTIS 903.21.11 Tycoon Date p.m. from the FORTIS Terrestis Collection. With its 10.22mm flat 41mm stainless steel housing that is partly polished, partly brushed, the Tycoon Date p.m. cuts a fine figure in any situation.

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