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How to Find The Right Water Resistant Watch For You

Check out these water resistant watches

30, 50, 100 or 1000 metres... What water resistance mark is suitable for your needs?

Buyers generally have several motivations when buying a watch. For example some consumers just require a timepiece that looks aesthetically pleasing and suits their image. However others require a professional watch for extreme sports.

Over the last few years many questions have been asked about the definition of water resistance in watches. Most timepieces state they are only resistant to water depths of 30 or 50 metres. Although, in reality, they are probably not even suitable for light showers, bathing or use in swimming pools.

 If you require this facility it is recommended that you invest in a timepiece that has been specifically designed for swimming or diving activities. Ultimately, this means watches that are marked 100m, 200m, 500m and 1000m. It is also important to remember that servicing these types of timepieces on a regular basis is essential to ensure the seal is completely intact.

 In reality some water resistant watches aren’t even suitable for use in swimming pools.

Here are six different types of watches that highlight these points.

Fortis Terrestis Orchestra watch

 Fortis Terrestis Orchestra

The Fortis Terrestis Orchestra is a great looking dress watch with an abundance of style. This watch has a 40mm stainless steel case and complimentary silver dial. Although this Swiss mechanical timepiece is marked 5ATM (50 metres water resistance) it is recommended to keep it away from water all together if possible.

Fortis Terrestis Orchestra watch: Available from $3,995




Zeppelin 100 Years watch

 Zeppelin 100 Years

The Zeppelin 100 Years is a stylish watch that offers a lot of bang for your buck. What makes this timepiece so distinctive is the meticulous silver dial with contrasting black numerals. However, just like the Fortis Terrestis Orchestra, this watch is also only resistant to a depth of 50 metres and therefore isn’t suitable for swimming or bathing.

Zeppelin 100 Years watch: Available from $499



BRM Manufacture SD37 Gulf watch


B.R.M SD37 Gulf

The B.R.M SD37 is a superb and refined limited edition (200 pieces) watch. The timepiece has many stylish features including a black and orange two-tone dial displaying the Gulf logo. With a water resistance of 100 metres it is recommended to use this watch only for surfing, swimming and light water sports but not diving.

B.R.M SD37 Gulf watch: Available from $9,999



Deep Blue Scuba T100 dive watch


 Deep Blue Day Night Scuba

The Day Night by Deep Blue is a cool watch at an affordable price. This timepiece has a durable 45mm stainless case (with a contrasting black dial) and is powered by a Citizen Caliber 9015 Automatic Movement. The watch is also water resistant to a depth of 300 metres, which means it is suitable for vigorous water sports, including diving. 

Deep Blue Day Night Scuba: Available from $999


Azimuth Xtreme Sea Hum diving watch


Azimuth SeaHum GMT

The Xtreme 1 is a superb Swiss automatic mechanical professional timepiece from Azimuth. What makes this watch so attractive is the sleek blue dial with contrasting orange minute hand. The timepiece is also water resistant to a depth of 1,500m and is equipped with a Helium Gas Escapement Valve. Essentially this means that it is suitable for all type of water activities including saturation diving.

Azimuth SeaHum GMT watch: Available from $1,999



CX Swiss Military 20,000 Feet diving watch

 CX Swiss Military 20,000 Feet

If you require a professional diving watch that is also visually striking then look no further. With a brushed titanium case measuring 46mm x 28.5mm this watch is designed to make a statement. The 20,000 Feet holds the current world record for water resistance in the automatic diving watch category. Ultimately, this means that this timepiece could be worn in some of the most extreme diving conditions.

CX Swiss Military 20,000 Feet watch: Available from $5,999




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