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Hugo Junkers (1859 - 1935)
Ingenious German aeroplane engineer, inventor of the double piston engine drive "Junkers Motor"; 1915 constructor of the first ever all metal aircraft making use of corrugated iron, 1930 construction of the 4-engine airliner "G38", the "F13" and last-not-least 1931 the 3-BMW engine passenger airplane "JUNKERS JU 52". "AUNT JU" was on duty for decades for LUFTHANSA and many other early airlines worldwide. The plane was in use for air-passengers and freight post cargo as it reached for the time outstanding safety, reliability and punctuality.

In the 20’s and 30’s there were nearly no airlines worldwide where no JUNKERS planes were in action. JUNKERS aeroplanes achieved many flight world records i.e. altitude record 1919, around the world 1930, 1st Atlantic flight 1928 and the Himalayan flight 1937.

Nowadays a "JU52" has a predominant exhibition place at the German Museum in Munich, another plane is displayed at the international Munich airport. And … believe it or not, some few historic air transportation servers are still on duty for local tourist flights in Southern Germany.

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