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Things to remember about your new watch

Quartz, battery operated watches

If you have purchased a quartz (battery) operated watch, you should notice that it is already ticking as shown by the movement of the seconds hand. For watches without a seconds hand, you will observe the minute hand moving after some time. In some cases where the watch is not ticking, this is because there is a plastic or cardboard insert which needs to be removed - between the crown & the watch case, in order to prevent the battery from being wasted prior to use.

Mechanical watches: Automatic (self-winding)

Mechanical watches are activated by your hand movement, which moves a rotor back & forth (sometimes visible through the case back), which in turn winds the spring to make the watch tick. When you initially receive your watch you can activate it by either moving the watch back & forward with your hand several times, or manually winding the crown back & forth around 15-20 times. In order for your automatic watch to continue keeping time, simply continue to wear it on your wrist.

These automatic watches have a power reserve feature which allows you to safely take it off overnight or for up to 38 hours or more before it eventually comes to a stop. If your automatic winding watch comes to a stop after not being worn for some time, simply follow your instruction manual to reset the correct time.


Water-resistance ratings on watches generally refer to equivalent water pressure eg. 50m, 100m or 5ATM, 10ATM. This is commonly misunderstood to mean the depth of water that you can safely swim or bathe in.
The simple action of a shower streaming down onto a watch can be the equivalent of 100m of water pressure or more. The same applies to splashing your hand into a relatively shallow swimming pool. We therefore recommend a watch of at least 100m or 10ATM water resistance for swimming. Ideally, it is safest to not expose your watch of 30m (3ATM) or 50m (5ATM) to any moisture source.

For water-resistant watches 100m/10ATM or better, please make sure to securely screw-in or push in the crown before immersing the watch into water. Please also make sure not to depress any buttons or pushers while immersed in water.


All watches purchased from Watchpartners are sourced directly from the brand manufacturer and therefore come included with the original manufacturers international warranty cover. In the unlikely event you need to repair the watch during the warranty period, all you need is our Watchpartners invoice. Officially stamped warranty cards are only required if purchased from other authorised dealers.

If this is a gift for someone & you do not provide them with the invoice/receipt, they can always contact us for any warranty claims, as we would have their watch covered in our system.