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Stylish Swiss Mechanical Watches

Discover the quality of CX Swiss Military

Frank M. Bürgin, the owner of CX Swiss Military, is part of a watchmaking dynasty that has been around since 1926. The brand CX Swiss Military is part of a larger group called Montres Charmex. The reason the company has survived so long is because they have been very adaptable. They have also never compromised on quality or attention detail. All their timepieces are built to last so unless the recipient is careless or neglectful, they will last for many years.

 Presently there are many companies claiming to sell Swiss Military watches. For example Swiss Military (by Chrono), Swiss Military (by Hanowa), Wenger and Victorinox. Although these other brands produce attractive watches, they are not of the same quality as CX Swiss Military. This is reflected in the price and country they are manufactured in, which is often China rather than Switzerland. It is also pertinent to mention that they do not supply their timepieces to any of the armed forces. In contrast, CX Swiss Military have contracts with many global law enforcement units and Singapore Armed Forces.

 With any premium product, there is normally a price implication. This is why it is often a good idea for consumers to spend a little bit more to get a really well-made timepiece and CX Swiss Military offers consumers good value for money. This makes good financial sense in the long run because of potential maintenance issues that could occur further down the track with inferior watches. CX Swiss Military has a reputation among consumers and industry experts for their exceptional quality and attention to detail. Certainly as CX Swiss Military state in their marketing text there is ‘no compromise’.

 Here are five great timepieces that we recommend to the most discerning buyers.

CX Swiss Military 20000 Feet2



CX Swiss Military 20,000 Feet

The World record holding 20,000 Feet is the ultimate professional diving watch, designed to withstand even the most extreme conditions. Dimensionally the watch exudes mammoth proportions and has a solid titanium case measuring 46mm x 28.5mm. What makes this timepiece so exceptional is the sleek carbon fiber dial with sporty red sub counters. Other features include a Unidirectional rotating bezel, Helium release valve and oversized crown. Powering the watch is an ETA 7750 (Valjoux) mechanical automatic chronograph movement.

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CX Swiss Military Hawk Nero Rawhide2



CX Swiss Military Hawk Nero Rawhide

The Hawk Nero Rawhide is a really high-quality, cool looking watch. With a well-proportioned 44mm 316L, black PVD treated case; this watch is built for action. What makes this timepiece so enticing is the distinctive red dial with white numerals and black sub counters. Other features include a screw down crown, black durable nylon strap and sapphire crystal lens. Powering the watch is a Swiss made Ronda 5030 quartz movement.

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CX Swiss Military Hurricane2



CX Swiss Military Hurricane

The phenomenal Hurricane is a formidable pilots watch. This amazing timepiece pays homage to the legendary aircraft used by the RAF in the Battle of Britain. Dimensionally the watch exudes masculine proportions and has a 316L stainless steel, black DLC case measuring 47mm x 17mm. What makes this timepiece so appealing is the intricate silver dial and rotating bezel with built-in flight calculator. Other characteristics include sporty black chronograph sub counters, small date indication and sapphire crystal lens. At the heart of the watch is a 25-jewel COSC chronometer certified self-winding Valjoux ETA 7750 mechanical movement.

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CX Swiss Military Marlin Scuba Nero2



CX Swiss Military Marlin Scuba Nero

The Marlin Scuba Nero is a really high-quality Swiss made Diver watch. As well as looking great the timepiece is also water resistant to a depth of 200 metres. This watch has a modest size 42mm 316L stainless steel case that should appeal to the unisex market. What makes this timepiece so attractive is the vibrant orange dial with oversized bold white numerals. Other features include a rotating black bezel, screw down crown and sapphire crystal lens. Beneath the robust exterior lies a Swiss made Ronda 515 quartz movement.

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CX Swiss Military Hawk Snowpatrol2


CX Swiss Military Hawk Snowpatrol

The Hawk Snowpatrol is a highly durable Pilot style watch with a striking appearance. This timepiece is also suitable for most occasions because it is water resistant to a depth of 200 metres. With a well-proportioned 316L brushed steel case measuring 44mmit it is likely to attract the attention of a wide variety of buyers. What makes this timepiece so distinctive is the cool silver dial with contrasting chronograph sub counters. Other fine details include stylish hour/minute hands, small date indication and sapphire crystal lens. Powering the watch is a Swiss made Ronda 5030 quartz movement.

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