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Why Buy A Luxury Watch

A Luxury Watch will Show Your Style, Sophistication and Success

Last year a Patek Philippe watch sold at Sotheby’s in Geneva for a staggering sum of $24,000,000. The timepiece is called the Henry Graves Jr. Supercomplication and comprises 24 different horological complications including moon phase, sunset indications and a detailed night sky chart.

To most people the cost of this watch goes beyond the realms of possibility. However, a lot of consumers will purchase a luxurious timepiece for its aesthetic beauty or as a mark of success. Certainly these sublime instruments have become highly desirable over the last few years. Ultimately, this is because brands have designed more sophisticated watches.Here are four incredible timepieces that will appeal to the discerning collector.

 Here are four incredible timepieces that will appeal to the discerning collector.


BRM R50 Racing Watch

B.R.M R50

Over the last few years, B.R.M have established themselves as a high-end watchmaker. This is primarily because all of their watches are exceptionally well designed and original.


The R50 is one of their more exclusive timepieces and has a lightweight titanium case measuring 50mm. What makes this watch so enticing is the phenomenal minimalistic skeleton dial.


Other features include drilled lugs/crown, power reserve indication and industrial style yellow hour/minute hands. At the heart of the watch is a modified Swiss made ETA A07161 (Valgranges) self-winding movement.




Breguet Tradition "Grande Complication" Watch


Breguet Tradition “Grande Complication”

Breguet is one of the most prestigious watchmakers in the glorious world of horology. All of their timepieces have an exceptionally opulent appearance including the outstanding Tradition “Grande Complication”.


This watch has a luxurious platinum case measuring 41mm x 15.95mm. What makes this timepiece so appealing is the wonderful three-dimensional multi-layered dial. This characteristic perfectly showcases all the intricate mechanics of the watch. Beneath the sophisticated façade lies a Swiss-made 43-jewel handing winding movement.





 Greubel Forset GMT Watch


Greubel Forsey GMT

In a relatively short space of time Greubel Forsey has become one of the world’s most exclusive watchmakers. Probably one of their most exciting designs is the incredible GMT. With a 43mm case made from luxurious 950 platinum, this watch is created for the discerning collector.

 What makes this watch so special is the marvelous open worked dial with a rotating globe GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) indication and exposed tourbillon.

 Functionally the timepiece features hours, minutes, seconds, additional time zone and power reserve indication. Powering the watch is a highly complicated mechanical hand winding movement containing 443 individual components.




Richard Mille RM 56-02 Sapphire Watch


Richard Mille RM 56-02 Sapphire

Richard Mille is well known for his exclusive range of high-quality Avant Garde timepieces. The RM 56-02 Sapphire is magnificent and definitely one of his most exciting watches to date. Dimensionally, the timepiece exudes massive proportions and measures 50.50mm x 42.70mm x 16.75mm.

 What makes this timepiece so astonishing is the perfectly contoured sapphire crystal case. This amazing detail perfectly showcases all the brilliant mechanics of the watch. Beneath the modernistic façade lies an exceptionally lightweight movement containing sapphire and titanium components.


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