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Why Buy A Mechanical Watch

A Unique Personality to Suit Your Own

The best watches don’t have the latest technology. In fact, it’s the opposite. The best watches use ingenious mechanical clockwork technology that predates electricity.

Types of watch

There are two general types of wristwatch, mechanical and quartz. The difference is in how the watch movement – the time keeping engine – is powered



quartz watch build


The first quartz watch was made in 1927 and used a quartz crystal to keep an electronic oscillator regulated in time. It wasn’t until the 1967 that these electronic movements were made small enough to put into wristwatches.

 Quartz watches are accurate, low maintenance and cheap. By the 1980’s this type of wristwatch was commonplace and being widely manufactured by Japanese watchmakers. This revolution in wristwatch technology almost crippled the Swiss watchmaking industry, which focused on mechanical watches.


Mechanical watches use an entirely mechanical mechanism to measure the passage of time. The internal watch movement is constructed using an elaborate and ingenious puzzle of springs and gears, which tick in synchronisation.

 These watches can be wound by hand, or they can be automatic or 'self-winding'. Self winding watches use the motion of the wearers hand to automatically wind the watch's mainspring.


So… Why Mechanical?

So if a watch is supposed to tell time, why would anyone buy a more expensive mechanical watch?

 Next time you’re sitting down at a meeting or lunch, take a moment to look at everyone’s watch. Without saying a word, the wearer can signal expressions about their personality or their status. You can learn a lot about people by looking at just their watch!

 Some of the many delights of mechanical watches include:


  • Being a symbol of human endeavor and ingenuity
  • Each watch has a personality. Every tick causes wheels and cogs to turn in perfect synchronization. It’s a tiny mechanical heartbeat on your wrist.
  • A treasure and companion for life and for future generations
  • A nostalgic tradition of admiring mechanical timepieces
  • A silent conversation to the world around you about your personality and personal wealth

 You can learn a lot about people by looking at just their watch!

4 Excellent mechanical watches

 zeppelin princess of the sky series

Zeppelin Princess of the Sky Series

This watch tells its wearer, and those gathered around, that it is a miniature mechanical marvel. A clear face allows the viewer to peer past time and see the internal skeleton ticking away. Watching time go by has never been so satisfying.

 Available for $599


deep blue sea ram 500 auto

Deep Blue Sea Ram 500 Auto

A mechanical diving watch is a testament to the height of achievement in mechanical ingenuity. This watch is capable for depths of up to 500 meters. Even for non-divers, this watch's mechanical fragility encased within a remarkably tough body would be considered a marvel.


Available for $649


aviatis f 43 recon chronograph

Aviatis F-43 Recon Chronograph

Distinguished yet sporty. This limited edition chronograph watch marked Fortis’ 100th anniversary on 2012 and has become an instant classic.


Available for $3999



cx swiss military diving watch

CX Swiss Military Diving Watch

This is a record breaking watch. This military grade timepiece holds the Guinness world record for the deepest diving watch on the planet, resistant down to incredible depths of 7500 metres. This watch is the pinnacle of mirco-mechanical engineering. With a watch like this, you could be unstoppable.


Available for $5999