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CX Swiss Military Marlin Scuba Nero black

Best Dive Watches Under $1,500

For many decades, diver watches have been very popular. This probably all started in 1962 when Sean Connery sported his first Rolex Submariner in the role of James Bond. Nowadays a lot of male and female consumers sport these timepieces because of their rugged aesthetic. However, I have many friends who actually need a professional instrument for diving. Therefore, they need a highly reliable waterproof watch for the most extreme conditions....Read More 


Fortis Terrestis Orchestra

Classical Men's Watches

Recently I have been attending quite a few charity balls with my wife. The problem is that most of my watches are too large to fit under the sleeve of my jacket. Therefore, I have either had to go to these events without wearing a watch or wearing a very slim watch. As a watch writer and collector, this is a massive missed opportunity to showcase some of my eclectic models....Read More




Daynight Scuba

The Best Deep Blue Watches

Most people you speak with are looking for a well-designed watch at an affordable price. This is because most buyers want to wear a stylish timepiece but have a restricted budget. American brand Deep Blue offers consumers a great variety of watches to chose from at very competitive prices....Read More



V13 44

B.R.M Racing Watches

It’s no wonder B.R.M have managed to build such a solid reputation in the competitive world of watchmaking. All of their timepieces are designed and handmade in France, just outside of Paris. Every watch component is finished and decorated to the highest possible standards.Naturally, their watches are highly coveted. Here are five exemplary demonstrations of this brand’s exceptional quality....Read More



CX Swiss Military Hurricane

The Best CX Swiss Military Watches For an Understated and Classic Look

In the last few years watch design trends have leant towards radical and bold models. However, certain buyers still prefer a more traditional and understated look. Military watches are perfect for these preferences due to their minimalistic clean lines.At the luxury end of the market, watchmakers like Rolex, Breitling, IWC and Panerai offer some pretty impressive timepieces. Yet, for a more affordable option, look no further than CX Swiss Military....Read More



fortis watch

Express Yourself  With Your Watch

In the modern world a watch is far more than just a time telling device. Ultimately a timepiece is a form of expression that can say a lot about someone’s personality. For example consumers might be artistic, adventurous, interested in motorsports or highly successful professionals.  Certainly a watch is one of the only really acceptable forms of jewellery (with the exception of a wedding ring) that a man can actually wear to convey these attributes. Here are four completely different types of watches that I feel will appeal to....Read More


The Golftime Lady Golftime

Watches - The TIimeless Christmas Gift Idea

With Christmas rapidly approaching, it's time to make some tough decisions on how to spend your hard earned cash. With Christmas rapidly approaching, it's time to make some tough decisions on how to spend your hard earned cash. Gone are the days when a pair of socks or a hand knitted festive jumper would suffice. What gift do you buy for the family member who has everything?....Read More



Aquatis Marinemaster Automatic

Why a Fortis Watch is a Lifetime Investment

Time is everywhere. With mobile phones, computers and microwaves, these days a watch is no longer a necessity. But a good watch is a personal statement. It’s amazing what a watch says about its wearer. Is it bold, discrete or classic? That’s why premium quality Swiss-made watches have remained the standard in watch design and function for over 100 years....Read More


Fortis Terrestis Orchestra watch

The 6 Best Fortis Watches

Fortis is a privately owned independent watchmaker located in the picturesque location of Grenchen, Switzerland. Although Walter Vogt established the company in 1912, he later joined forces with John Harwood, the inventor of the automatic wristwatch, twelve years later. Together they became legendary watchmakers. Amongst their many achievements they created timepieces for the US Space mission and German-Russian space mission....Read More


Zeppelin LZ129 Hindenburg (Blue Dial) watch

The Best German Watches Under $1000 by Zeppelin

For the modern consumer, buying a watch can be a pretty tough decision. As experts in watch retailing, we would say that appearance and movement quality are some of the most important factors when purchasing a watch. Of course, many people have budget restrictions and therefore cost is a major factor....Read More